Top Tourists Attraction In Manali

Top Tourists Attraction In Manali

Manali is considered one of the best places for someone visiting India for the first time. Being a tourist attraction, it has many things you can explore and do in Manali. Then why are you holding yourselves back? Just visit the place and enjoy the natural beauty with the best food available in the city. If you are still confused about what are the things that you can do in Manali, do not worry, we are here to help you out with this, and let us guide you to some of the best and most adventurous activities that you can do in Manali.

Here are some adventure activities in Manali that all the tourists can try when they visit Manali for the first time:

Trekking: This is one of the most adventurous activities that you can do at a hill station. When we talk about Manali, the natural beauty will blow your mind and steal your heart. But trekking is something that requires some physical strength and stamina. The obstacles and other things will keep bringing a new challenge on every step, and you need to have the courage to have a unique experience in your life.
Camping: Camping can be of two types, the one done near the riverside and the second done at the hill. Riverside camping is a pleasure to the mind and body because your companion will be a beautiful river flowing with fresh water; on the other hand, hill camping is a little more adventurous because you will have limited resources. So, you must ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared for the adventure.
Snowboarding: One of the best things you can do in summer is snowboarding. What else can be better than watching the fresh snow? Make snow angels with your babies and let them enjoy the beauty of nature. Snow fights can never be ignored when you are in Manali; enjoy every moment with your friends or family.
Flying restaurant: Yes, you read it right, a hanging restaurant Manali is here to provide you with the most exciting adventure of your life. Now you are thinking about what’s so exciting about this restaurant, so here is a quick review. This is not only a restaurant. This adventure pack is for those who love thrill, excitement, and entertainment. You can have your lunch and dinner in the 360-degree view and let your soul relax and feel the freshness of the air and the environment with the aroma of tasty food items. Our restaurant has 5-star chefs who prepare fantastic food for the customers.

You will get Spanish and Italian cuisine with amazing mocktails, what else you need with the beautiful mountain view. This unique concept is for those who love exploring and want to do something different and unique. You can book seats for any occasion or any special events as well. Our price range starts from Rs. 3999, so anybody can come and enjoy Flydining Manali.

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