The Sky is no longer a limit!

FlyDining was born out of a desire to create an experience that combines the thrill of adventure with the delight of a good meal.

About Us

If you looking for an exceptional dining experience, which will have you elated, quite literally, then FlyDining is tailor-made for you! FlyDining is a unique concept that enables you and your loved ones to eat, drink and be merry at the height of 50 meters above ground level and we promise that it shall be an affair to remember. The structure is supported by one crane, which houses 24 people around the table and a staff of 4 people at its centre. Available in Bangalore, and expanding to cities like New Delhi and Mumbai shortly, FlyDining is located around the beautiful Nagavara Lake and promises to be a fulfilling and out of the box experience that will have you tingling with adrenaline as well as leave you with a belly full of delicious food.



Present in more than 45 countries around the world, New Rainbow brings FlyDining to India for business opportunists. With a time-tested business model applied around the world, FlyDining is a unique product both in terms of experience and as a communication tool. Appetizers, lunches, dinners, games, events, entertainment, press conferences, round tables, road show, talk show ... anything imaginable around a table, you can do it "in the sky", suspended 50 meters from the ground! FlyDining is a structure supported by one crane, which houses 24 people around the table and one staff of 4 people at its centre.

Structural Elements

The FlyDining structure is a high-grade metal frame platform that has the capacity to seat 24 people around the table, secured by aircraft-standard safety belts on comfortable seats which can rotate a complete 180°. Please rest assured, our attentive staff members are also secured by accredited Petzl harnesses. The complete Fly Dining structure is suspended by a state-of-the-art, 200-ton telescopic crane at a height of 50 metres (160 ft), handled safely and professionally by our highly-trained staff. Fly Dining has been conceptualised and designed according to German safety norms EN 13814 and International Norm ISO 17842-1-2015.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal” – Paulo Coelho


The first FlyDining experience session in India was launched in September 2018, in the garden city of Bangalore. FlyDining was conceived with the vision is to provide satisfaction to our Customers and our Employees and keep moving forward as a team. We are constantly committed to providing the highest quality of food, service and atmosphere to provide fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience to each and every customer.

Our Philosophy

We have chosen to provide people with exciting new experiences. As one of our co-founders say “We do what we love and we love what we do”.