Bengaluru has become the first city in the country that can have a fly dining experience. A deck with a huge dining table in the middle and 22 chairs around goes up 160 feet in the air, lifted by a crane while you can dine with a unique aerial view of the Nagawara Lake, Manyata Techpark and Bengaluru’s green cover.

Pankaj Dhingra, Partner of Jumpking International LLP, a Bengaluru-based adventure sports company that has launched FlyDining (Skydining) says, “We have been thinking of Fly Dining since five years, but started work on it three years ago. All our equipment have been made in India or sourced globally. .”

Situated near Nagawara Lake, Fly Dining is the first in India. However, 65 other countries already have Fly Dining since a couple of years.

Even for those who have a fear of heights, this experience is pleasant as the deck is safe with three belts attached to the chairs. Pregnant women and children below 13-14 years of age are prohibited from going on to the deck. A minimum of 4 feet 5 inch height is required to go Fly Dining while there are no weight specifications. The management team has also ensured that a staff of four and a photographer remains on the deck lifted above to assist.

Talking about the rampant rains in the city and whether they pose a danger for Fly Diners, Neha says, “Rains are not a problem as the deck is fully covered. But if the winds are too harsh, the deck is lowered until the turbulence stops. We have certain specifications for wind velocity.”