Welcome to CloudDine, a unique experiential concept restaurant. If you looking for an exceptional dining experience, which will have you elated, quite literally, then CloudDine is tailor-made for you! Ever looked out of an airplane window and wished you were out there, among the clouds, enjoying the gentle breeze and the stunning view?

CloudDine is one of the most unusual dining experiences in the world. You have probably dined at a rooftop restaurant, but that’s far from the exhilaration that awaits up there-and by up there we mean 150 feet above the ground, where your dining set is hoisted by a crane.

The beauty of the experience neutralizes any kind of fear. The whole mechanism follows the safety standards enforced by German engineering and safety experts. There are safety seatbelts to buckle you in securely, and the chef and crew are secured by safety harnesses as they prepare your food as well.

Cloud Dining brings you this unique sensation, along with some scrumptious food, right here in your city! Opening shortly in all major cities like Hyderabad, Calcutta, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai, we promise you that this restaurant will take your breath away!


The idea behind CloudDine was the brainchild of two of India’s most recognized Adventurists, and thus it caters to whoever seeks the thrill of an adrenaline rush. The idea of eating great food at the height of 150 feet high among the clouds is as amazing as it sounds.

The CloudDine structure is a high-grade metal frame platform that has the capacity to seat 24 people around the table, secured by aircraft-standard safety belts on comfortable seats which can rotate a complete 180°. Please rest assured, our attentive staff members are also secured by accredited Petzl harnesses.

The complete CloudDine structure is suspended by a state-of-the-art, 200-ton telescopic crane at a height of 50 meters (160 ft), handled safely and professionally by our highly-trained staff.

CloudDine has been conceptualized and designed according to German norm of safety EN 13814 and International Norm ISO 17842-1-2015. We also have a dedicated safety team to ensure the safety of our customers. We conduct the safety check before and after each session along weekly trial runs and maintenance.


The first CloudDine experience session in India was launched in September 2018, in the garden city of Bangalore. 

CloudDine was conceived with the vision is to provide satisfaction to our Customers and our Employees and keep moving forward as a team. We are constantly committed to providing the highest quality of food, service and atmosphere to provide fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience to each and every customer.


Despite its name, CloudDine is not limited to only dinners. It can host a variety of engagements.

Our CloudDine deck can not only host enjoyable meals for Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast, but also cater to celebrations like Birthday Parties, Engagement Announcements, Anniversary Dinners, Christmas Parties, and New Year’s Eve Dinner.

Apart from these, the CloudDine experience can also accommodate for official events like Product Launches, Promotions, Publicity Stunts, Press Conferences, Press Releases, Live TV/Radio Broadcasts or Interviews. Businesses can use CloudDine to host corporate or bureaucratic events like Business Meetings, Business Functions, Client Meetings and VIP Feasts.


Normal CloudDine sessions last for an hour and a half, allowing up to 6 sessions during 8 hours. However, shorter, half-hour sessions can also be arranged for simple tastings or cocktails, as well as longer sessions of two hours or more (duration can be altered according to customer’s requirements).


Menu items are carefully considered to avoid foods that might be fire or choking hazards. The menu is constrained and premeditated, due to the obvious limitations of cooking at 160 ft in the sky. A basic choice between Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian meals is offered, with the number of courses being dependent on the time span of the session.

Our chefs prepare the most curated and appetizing menu and eating the sizzling hot food at 160 feet in the clouds is an amazing experience in itself.

Participant’s Profile

Minimum height – 4 Feet
Maximum weight – 150 Kgs
Minimum age – 12 Years
Pregnant women are not advised to take up this adventure.
Heart Patients are strictly not recommended for this activity.

Franchise Opportunities

Be a franchise of world’s most bizarre restaurant concept.

Give wings to your business with CloudDine, recognized as one of the best experiential dining concept across the globe. CloudDine has started spreading its branches across the globe and aims to be one of the most unique experiential restaurant chain in the world. We invite you to join our elite club of franchise members across the globe. Grow with us in our journey.

CloudDine has great growth potential as it is-

  • New to the market: The Trend
  • No competitor in the market
  • Fusion of two most favorite components: Food and Adventure
  • Best Selfie and photo session potential
  • High ROI: Investment will pay off within 3 months.
  • High Profits: Can call it a white money-making machine
  • Requires small team, less management and low running cost.


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