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Best activities that someone can do in Manali on their first visit
Visiting a hill station is a wish of many people, and they even plan this for months and months. Not only the local or Indian people but also the tourists from different countries and continents. One such hill station is Manali, which everyone loves and wants to visit at least for once in their life. If you are planning to visit Manali, you will not only enjoy the scenic beauty but will also have a lot of adventurous and exciting things to do once you reach there.

There are a lot of activities that you can do in Manali, but for the people who are visiting Manali for the first time, you should have a look at some top places to visit in Manali and some adventurous activities; some of them are-

● Paragliding: Looks dangerous to some people, but at the same, it is also something that a lot of people want to try. This is the best way to face your fear of height and get some special memories from your trip. If you are willing to try this, then make sure that you are mentally and physically fit for this experience because sometimes it can be frightening for the people who fear heights.

● River rafting: This looks interesting but requires some physical strength. It would be best if you practiced being stable in the raft and some other things. Once you sit on the raft, you will forget everything because of the beautiful rivers and the area’s natural beauty.

● Camping: The easiest but refreshing activity you can do in Manali is camping. You can do it on hills or even on the river sides, depending on the places you like the most and the available resources you can carry.

● Trekking: This activity requires physical strength and stamina, so not everyone can do it, but those who can do it must try it. This is something very challenging and keeps changing according to the situation.

● Flydinning restaurants:  Have you ever thought of having lunch in a flying restaurant? If not, then add this thrilling adventure to your bucket list. For those who are fond of adventure and want to experience something exciting for them, flydining Manali is the best. You can taste the fantastic lunch while flying with a 360 view of the Manali hills. You will get snacks, mocktails, and dessert as well. We don’t have a menu list, so you will get what we serve. But we assure you that the experience you will gain with us is outstanding. Our price starts from 3999 per person. This unique concept is entirely new and different in Manali, and we want everyone to come and enjoy this amazing adventure with us. So come and enjoy this hanging restaurant and make your day memorable. You can book seats for yourself or your family members also.

We are sure the above Tourist Attractions in Manali will surely impress you.

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